How to Clear your Browser Cache

Occasionally users have found that the assessment doesn’t load on computers which are shared by others because the previous user data is still recorded in the computer’s browser. Clearing the browser’s cache can be helpful.

The fastest way to get rid of the cache data in Google Chrome is the option “Clear Browser cache”. You can access this function with the following shortcut:

On windows Press the keys [Ctrl], [Shift] and [Del]. (On a mac press [Cmd], [Shift] and [Del])
Be sure you press all the keys at once.

A new window opens: “Clear Browser cache”. Like the one shown.

Here you can select in the upper dropdown-menu, for which time period you want to delete the cache data.
Select  “Last Hour”

Check the box in front of “Images and Files in Cache”.

Check the box “Cookies and other Site Data”

Submit your selection by clicking the “Clear Data” Button.

Reload the site.

Should problems persist contact us.

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