Level 7 Easy to chew – new information!

IDDSI has added a subcategory to Level 7, called Easy to Chew. This is a great addition to the framework that caters for those who do not have dysphagia, but who might opt for softer foods for other reasons.

Our training course is fully up-to-date with the latest on IDDSI, including demonstration and explanation of the new Level 7 information. We have videos and slides to guide you through each level, and a helpful assessment piece so you can check your progress. Enjoy!

About Catriona Lysaght

Catriona Lysaght is a Speech and Language Therapist working in Ireland. Her day-to-day caseload is predominantly adults with dysphagia, in hospital and nursing home environments, and as part of this she provides face-to-face dysphagia care training too. She has worked in dysphagia for the last 12 years, and has a first class Master of Science degree from the University of Limerick.

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