We’re making life easier for organisations

At DysphagiaCare we work with lots of different client groups, from individual care givers to large organisations training hundreds of staff members simultaneously across different locations, and we are happy to say we have just made life a little easier.

Large organisations who are training multiple staff members can now, if required, log in to our site and monitor their overall staff training progress. They can also export data to help with their training records, or calculate training uptake. This is a great addition, and already proving very popular!

We also of course provide online support free of charge to any of our customers who would like to get in touch; so please contact us at contact@dysphagiacaretraining.com if you have any questions. Thanks!


About Catriona Lysaght

Catriona Lysaght is a Speech and Language Therapist working in Ireland. Her day-to-day caseload is predominantly adults with dysphagia, in hospital and nursing home environments, and as part of this she provides face-to-face dysphagia care training too. She has worked in dysphagia for the last 12 years, and has a first class Master of Science degree from the University of Limerick.

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