Who needs training in thickening fluids?

A wide range of people can benefit from training in thickening fluids and the care of people with dysphagia in the context of the IDDSI framework. This course covers much more than how to thicken water – it is comprehensive – see the details below as to how it will benefit you.

Who should do the course?

This course is suitable for :
Care staff
Health care attendants
Home carers
Speech and Language Therapists
Allied health professionals

Care staff and health care attendants; as frontline healthcare staff, it is often your role to provide food and drink to people with dysphagia, or assist at mealtimes or with preparing food or drink, as well as many other essential tasks. We know the challenges this can create, with the variety of diets and consistencies available and multiple care needs each person might have. This course provides a simple, accessible way of pinning down exactly what food and drink to provide, and how to provide it. It’s a comprehensive course that details every aspect of dysphagia care in a practical and informative way.

Nurses; your role in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of mealtimes for those under your care is paramount, while juggling the multiple demands of a busy work environment. This course will enable you to meet those demands easily. It shows you what to look out for for dysphagia and when to refer on, and shows you how to follow SLT/SLP recommendations. The course also goes into detail about the IDDSI, so the new terminology needn’t take up any more of your care time or cause you any anxiety; it’s all explained simply in one place. It’s a comprehensive course that details every aspect of dysphagia care in a practical and informative way.

Speech and Language Therapists and AHPs; The IDDSI framework means changes for everyone. This course gives a thorough grounding in every level of the IDDSI, and will allow you to adapt your practices to the new terminology easily by providing a solid learning base. When change takes place it can be difficult to piece together all the relevant information and make sure you have everything you need to answer any questions you may be asked – we have made that easy here. We have reviewed all the information on IDDSI, combined it with our extensive experience in dysphagia care provision, and created this comprehensive, practical course.

Home carers; working in the home environment brings huge challenges in dysphagia. You often work alone or in small teams, so it can be difficult to get the information and support you need to provide safe dysphagia care, or even to rely on the information that you do get. With this certified course you not only get comprehensive information about every aspect of dysphagia care, as well as in depth examination of the IDDSI and how to use it, but you also get the confidence of knowing that the information here is based on the knowledge and experience of dysphagia care experts. This course will give you the skills to provide dysphagia care confidently, and safely, in any environment. We know that dysphagia care is not just in medical settings, but also in the home.

Dysphagia Care Training