About Dysphagia Care

A brief introduction to IDDSI for clinicians:

The dysphagia care training course can be taken on laptops, tablets and smart phones

Dysphagia Care was set up by Catriona Lysaght, Speech and Language Therapist, in response to the growing demand for dysphagia care training. Catriona works with people with dysphagia on a daily basis, and provides dysphagia training to care staff, nursing staff, and Speech and Language Therapy colleagues. Having worked with people with dysphagia since 2006, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from.

The rollout of the IDDSI framework has meant a surge in demand for dysphagia care training. While Catriona is confident in using the new framework, she knows that others aren’t. That’s why she has included a full explanation and demonstration of every level of the IDDSI framework in this course, as well as all the other dysphagia care skills needed by nursing and care staff.

This interactive online course includes certification and suits all nurses and carers of those with dysphagia
  • Certified online training in dysphagia care
  • Practical, useful information for everyday care
  • Suitable for nurses, health care assistants, home carers and AHPs
  • Includes full IDDSI framework explanation and demonstration
  • Self-paced, interactive learning
  • Globally applicable
  • Free printable resources throughout the course
  • A percentage of profits go towards dysphagia research
  • Presented by Speech and Language Therapists with 15+ years’ experience working with dysphagia
Dysphagia Care Training